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June 17th, 2024

Cloud Computing for Data Collection
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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is SensoryTest.com? SIMS Sensory SaaS Subscriptions, Cloud based Software as a Service.

SensoryTest.com is a Sensory Internet Cloud based Panelist/Consumer Testing service provided to our valued clients.

SIMS Sensory SaaS Subscriptions, Cloud based Software as a Service

Using real sensory science, questionnaires, experimental designs, multiple sample randomization, and sensory statistical methods.

If you are a Sensory Professional you are going to insist on a tool that uses the science and methods of Sensory, and SensoryTest.com will deliver. Don't be frustrated with the various simple 'Survey' websites, they are not even close to delivering Sensory testing.

What is SIMS Software?

The Sensory Information Management System, SIMS Software, is computer software system for Sensory Evaluation, Market Research, and Quality Professionals worldwide. SIMS Software is for use by your Sensory/QA departments for all of your in-house testing, on your PCs running on your secured networks.

Learn more about SIMS Software at SIMS2000.com

We already have the SIMS Software in-house system onsite using it everyday, how does this work for us?

SensoryTest.com is targeted and intended for Internet Sensory panelist participation for HUTs and CLTs. That's the big difference, Panelists using browsers at home or anywhere. SensoryTest.com is intended as an extension of SIMS Software to complement our clients current tools and broadened the use of these tools. That's the advantage. SensoryTest.com is definitely not intended to replace SIMS Software in-house systems which have distinct advantages including secure corporate intranets/firewalls (we're on the Internet, and very security focused), control of panelist activity while participating (we can't stop a browser user from exiting mid-test), potential speed/performance over the World Wide Web, etc.

How did SensoryTest.com evolve?

SensoryTest.com is based on our flagship Sensory Software called SIMS Software. And many years of satisfied clients.

Learn more about SIMS Software at SIMS2000.com

Who is using currently SensoryTest.com?

SIMS Sensory SaaS Subscriptions, Cloud based Software as a Service is being used by major corporations and universities worldwide.

Is SensoryTest.com available outside of the U.S.?

Yes, the Internet has no boundaries.

How long does it take to get a Sensory survey online account?

Your Sensory survey can be created and launched as quickly as within a few minutes.

Can I test my Sensory survey prior to making it active?

Yes. Anytime.

How many questions can I include per Sensory survey?

As many as you need. Affective, Descriptive, Discrimination.

Do you support conditional skips and branching?

Absolutely. Branching is very flexible and is often based on any previous questions answered, such as a gender or age question.

Can I add my own logo and other images to my Sensory survey?

Yes. All popular JPG, BMP, GIF and other image file formats perfectly fine. Our clients are testing concepts with image technology frequently.

Can I create the same Sensory survey in different languages?

Yes.   Usted habla espaƱol?

What if we want to be invisible? Can you hide our identity?

Yes. You can send the Sensory survey anonymously using our built-in email distribution tools.

Can I view my results in real-time?

Yes. You can monitor the status of your survey from your computer anytime, anywhere, with easy-to-read, canned and configurable reports

Can your service support high volumes of survey respondents and email invitations?

Yes. SensoryTest.com can manage many simultaneous Sensory survey respondents at one single time. Terms of Service Agreement

How secure is SensoryTest.com and Microsoft Remote Desktop Connections?

Very secure. SSL Certificate protection. Read more about our  SensoryTest Security

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